New Web Host

Sorry, for the downtime. I switched to a new web host. I brought up Chalkboard Manifesto first, and then this weblog. I’m not sure if I lost any entries from April. The WP export only went up to April 1, 2010, but I didn’t notice this until after the import. I was able to find entries from April 3 to April 16, and then another entry from April 22. The only important one, I think, was from the 22nd, so I’m really glad I found that.

The database backup for Chalkboard Manifesto was missing 5 entries in the middle. Luckily, I had all the comics saved so I just had to put in the missing data into the databases. I could find this via ohnorobot, which stores transcripts of my comics, and the Google.

I really have to check the integrity of my backups.

I also decided I wanted a new theme for my blog, so I didn’t copy over the old one. I just upgraded my version of WordPress and am currently looking for a new one to customize.

One day, I’m going to create my own blogging software, and it’s going to be really simple to use. I dislike WordPress these days. It’s not super-intuitive to use and it has way too many features. Mine will allow you to write entries, but if you want any formatting, you’ll have to write the HTML yourself. I don’t even know if it will have categories or tags. The main thing I want is for the front admin page to have a large text box where you can just write. Editing and administration are secondary.

All the internal links in my blog probably don’t work. I’ll have to fix that at some point.

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