Obama and Patience

From Emily:

Okay so this subject has been bothering me for a while now. I’ve been hearing so many people talk about how Obama hasn’t been doing anything and he’s all talk. Uhm, hello? Bush came in for 8 years and created all this crap and everyone expects Obama to fix it in less than 2 years? It doesn’t make any sense. I’m not saying that Obama is the answer to all our problems or that he’s going to fix everything during his term but I’m just saying that people need to give him a chance. I mean really, does everyone expect him to fix the economy, the war, and this country in less than half a term? So, please if you’re one of those people who are saying, “Obama is all talk” or “Obama doesn’t do shit”, I seriously need you to think about what I’m saying. OBAMA CAN’T FIX EVERYTHING IN 1 1/2 YEARS! I just needed to get this off my mind, that I tried to do something about this problem, and if you don’t disagree with me, I don’t mind, but you should really think about how long it takes to fix 8 years worth of damage.

This is a good reminder — one I even need myself — for our hyper-fast times.

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