2 thoughts on “The Black Swan

  1. Lloyd Nebres

    Hm. I’m also reading Taleb at the moment, actually. Well… sort of. I borrowed it a month or so ago from my local State library upcountry—and now it’s overdue a week. I’ve kept it in the car, for reading during those long moments of waiting for kids at school parking lots. Except… I read books instead on my iPad (iBooks and Kindle apps). -_- And now I’m finding it a bit odd to be reading an actual dead-tree book, and finding myself automatically reaching for my iPad eReader instead when I feel like reading something. Very, very strange. Maybe I’ll go d/l TBS on Kindle app and read it there instead. I might even finish it. ::chuckle::

  2. Shawn R. McDonald Post author

    He’s a pretty important thinker. I’d recommend consuming it any way you can.

    I’ve always resisted screen-reading, but this was on a computer screen, not on an iPad or Kindle. But your instincts sound alien. Like preferring astronaut food to a steak dinner.

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