So, I wanted to change it so that ctrl-alt-shift exited control from the VM, and not ctrl-alt. DOS games often have you jumping with ctrl and shooting with alt (or vice versa), so I didn’t want to lose control after a jump and shoot.

After digging, I found that you have to add the following text to preferences.ini, not the vmx file:

pref.hotkey.shift = “true”
pref.hotkey.control = “true”
pref.hotkey.alt = “true”

Add it to the bottom. In XP you can find this somewhereabouts under Documents and Settings\you\Application Data\VMWare. In Windows 7, it’s under Users\You\AppData\VMWare\Roaming.

After this, VMWare Player automatically updates the text to say you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Shift instead of Ctrl-Alt.

2 thoughts on “Ctrl-Alt-Shift

  1. Mark

    For me, on Windows 7 64-bit, the location was:


    Thank you for this, however, greatly helped with a similar gaming-related issue.

  2. Mark

    Also, one will not be able to copy/paste directly from this website, as after they save the preferences.ini file, and open VMWare Player, they’ll be presented with several errors that look state something that appears to have no errors at all. To resolve this, replace the quotes around the “true” statements by erasing them and re-typing them. This will solve the issue.

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