Play it safe?

I have some tough decisions to make tonight. Because I don’t have the internets at my apartment, I can’t make last-second roster changes in the morning for my fantasy football team. I should’ve scheduled that AT&T appointment for later in the day. Oh well. Now for some long rambling that no one else will care about: I’ve plugged Percy Harvin into my lineup instead of Hines Ward (who hasn’t been producing much fantasy-wise). Harvin’s questionable. So do I roll with him, or do I roll with a safer option? Hmm. Oh, and I also have Santonio Holmes, but I think New England will probably key on Wallace more, which will be good for Ward. Harvin, if he plays, is clearly the best option, though. I also have a tough decision at QB. I just picked up Shaun Hill, who I’m very, very tempted to play over Tom Brady. Over at Yahoo!, Shaun Hill is indeed ranked higher than Tom Brady. I think Brady is the safer play since Hill is coming off an injury. In fact, if Hill wasn’t injured, I would start him with no qualms. Hill already carried me to victory in Week 5. Conflicting heuristics come into play. If I frame it in a be bold or be safe way, I’d rather be bold. (Start Hill.) If I frame it in a start your stud or play matchups way, I’d rather start my stud. (Start Brady.) But does Tom Brady count as a fantasy stud anymore? He has been unspectacular as a fantasy QB. However, he has often given me at least double-digits. So, I think he’s a safe play with a low ceiling. I think he has a low floor if he doesn’t get injured. What’s Hill’s injury risk? He’s already hurt. What if he aggravates the injury? How likely is that? I would think that his chances of getting hurt are much higher than Brady’s. I think Brady is the safer play, especially since the Steelers are so stout against the run. Then again, the Steelers have just been a good team overall, and I don’t like New England much in this matchup. So maybe Brady’s floor is lower than I think.

Fuck it. Flipped a coin. Starting Hill.

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