Welcoming December

It’s December, and I’m on hiatus for The Chalkboard Manifesto. I came up with a good idea for a comic after lunch today, and now I can’t post it. I can take a break from writing comics, but I can’t take a break from ideas coming to my head. I will continue to write them down. I have to capture inspiration when it comes to me.

I definitely need to make a projects list so I can feel like I’m working towards something. Since I got my apartment, I haven’t gotten myself involved in too many awesome projects. It’s always like: Move a couch, pay some bills.

*Breather page
*Redesign Chalkboard Manifesto
*Update resume (not as awesome)
*Create a portfolio for web/programming work
*Make a WP theme for my blog
*Party Hats (the codename for a Ruby on Rails project)

I guess that’s enough for now. Next I’ll think up habits. I kind of want to plot that for a year.

Tomorrow: Duty, Identity, and Decision-Making
*Larry Whitman scripts

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