Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

The end of The BART Police

In one of my leagues, the one with a pricey buy-in (okay, not that pricey), my season is over. The BART Police — what a great team name — are done after a 3-game losing streak to end the season. Before that, I was first place in points and either second or third place overall. Instead, I’m going to finish the regular season in seventh place and not make the playoffs. *sigh* This basically ruined the rest of my Sunday.

My players started tanking at the wrong time. After a really hot start, Philip Rivers had like one touchdown in the past two weeks. Roddy White had zero touchdowns. My pick of Miles Austin in the second round looked genius for the first 4 weeks of the season, and then he started doing nothing. Ray Rice underperformed all season. And Beanie Wells… well, let’s not talk about him. Ahmad Bradshaw also had a really crappy game like 3 weeks ago that started my downward spiral. I benched Steve Johnson when he had 30+ points, played him every week after, even the game where he had 5 drops. I inserted Dez Bryant into my fantasy lineup as defenses started rolling more coverage his way and effectively taking him out of the game. Even my kicker joined in, scoring zero points to start my 3-game skid.

And I’m done complaining.

At least I’ll get $10 back for getting the highest score in one week. (Funnily enough, this was the game where I had practically everyone on bye. I had to start Blount and Wells at RB.)

I’m still hoping I can defend my title in my other league.