A few notes

Note 1.

I’m back. I took an unannounced hiatus from blogging. My lack of output was stressing me out, but all this stress didn’t inspire me to write awesome things. So, here I am, refreshed, and also in less physical pain than I was not too long ago.

Note 2.

I looked at my “About Me” page and it is terribly out of date. Things that were important to my identity are no longer that important. Yeah, sure, I’m an atheist, but I don’t give it as much thought as I used to. I’m not involved in any communities and I don’t feel any need to proselytize or argue.

I think my political views have moved beyond conservative apostate. But politics no longer has the appeal it once used to have. I used to really, really want to be president, but now I don’t think it’s a very appealing job. In fact, it’s probably an impossible job. (It’s too much to manage; we can discuss this at length at another time.)

It needs an update. Before I update it, though, I need to do more thinking, and I’ll try to do that thinking on this blog.

Note 3.

I release myself from the obligation to be prolific on this blog. First off, I’m spread kind of thin. Second, I think a better focus on quality would give me more psychic ease.

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