Links on April 21

Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning’s transfer:

It’s good to hear that people can make a difference. I kind of needed to hear that after being so seduced by cynicism. It’s hard not to be cynical, though, when Obama was so against prisoner abuse.

Review of Mike Daisey:

I thought this was a good review. I saw the show when it was in Berkeley and enjoyed it a lot. I recently thought about this show when I saw that a SAS cable I had to install was made by Foxconn. Perhaps I’ll blog about that and post it here. I’ll probably do it for work.


Peer to peer lending sounds cool and innovative. I think I might invest in this. I want to think more about my principles and how I can live them. (Found this via Slate.)

Social experiment: Know thy neighbor

I found this via Think, Try, Learn. I might look up the book some more because it sounds interesting. This gets back to the principles thing I mentioned after the last link. I value community as an abstract concept, but I don’t know my neighbors.

On a writing note, I don’t think this article is particularly well-written. I might end up making a comic, “Op-ed outline: 1) Set up. 2) Anecdote. 3) Oh shit I’m out of space.” This isn’t to say the article is like that, but it inspired those thoughts based on op-eds I’ve read in the past. I’m not sure why the op-ed form leads to shit writing. I mean, a blog post can be just as long or shorter, but still be better. So, it can’t the length of the format, per se. Then again, a blog has the benefit of being part of a conversation, so one post isn’t really as short as you think it is.

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