Daily Archives: May 5, 2011


It is strange that having too much to write about produces the same effect as having nothing to write about. That is, I end up not writing anything. I have a large backlog of links, but I haven’t posted them here.

Anyway, I wanted to post something on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Immediately before and after I heard the news, I was playing Portal 2. The news did not affect my playing in any fashion. My workweek wasn’t affected by this either. When I go to the airport, I will still have to take off my shoes and get the option of being electronically or physically groped.

The one thing different may be that I was slightly more annoyed than usual. It doesn’t annoy me that everyone needed to have an opinion, but it was annoying that everyone was so predictable.

I suppose I would like to find out what affect this might have on al Qaeda, but alas, all I can find are debates about whether we should release pictures of a dead bin Laden or not. Oh how quickly Obama went from being tough for finally getting bin Laden, to being soft for not releasing pictures. I’m too unsurprised to be outraged at how idiotic the media can be with these stupid storylines.

Oh wait, I was wrong. This did have some effect on my life. I had a comic ready for Wednesday that was rendered null by the death of bin Laden. You can’t very well make a joke about him being killed 2 years ago when he was killed the day before yesterday. I was able to post mock outrage on facebook, and then I posted a modified comic on the website.

I also a fantastic tweet: “CIA cracks into Osama’s laptop. Finds treasure trove of key intel plus 132 hours of cute kitten videos.” I was rather proud of that and may turn it into a comic.

By the way, expect to hear “treasure trove” a lot. Now that you will notice it, it will become annoying. Sorry.

Finally, I would like to note that some people are using the killing of bin Laden to justify torture. Those people are sick fucks.

UPDATE: Sorry, I couldn’t end it like this. I had one more joke to share. I had an idea for a terrible sketch comedy character. One that’s hilariously bad. Remember how the one mom on Mean Girls wanted to a be a “cool” mom? Well, there should be a terrorist who’s not like other terrorists… he’s a cool terrorist. His name is Osama bin Awesome.

That is all.