Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

Facebook Won’t Let Me Share

There’s this option in facebook that allows me to use facebook as The Chalkboard Manifesto rather than Shawn McDonald. I’ve been taking advantage of this to share content with my fans. I’ll often click on the “Share” button on my website to post things on The Chalkboard Manifesto’s wall.

Yesterday, I found out that facebook has introduced some new feature or rather that doesn’t allow me to do this. It kicks me to roadblock.php and tells me “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.”

Bullshit. I thought you were all about sharing, and now I can’t share content with my fans? What am I supposed to do? Copy the URL into facebook? What is this — the year 2000? Could you make this more difficult? Do you want me to put in the <a> tags too?

I need to send an e-mail to facebook that is decidedly less obnoxious than this blog post.