I’ve played around with Git before. In fact, I used it when I was writing the code for the Chalkboard Manifesto redesign. Today, I looked through the Pro Git book to expand my knowledge more about Git. The internet is amazing: Free books! Well, I guess the library has that too, but I feel like it’s harder to get new stuff in the library than online.

I also read this article on the US Postal Service, The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse (h/t Andrew Sullivan). It details how the US Postal Service is in financial trouble. First class mail — the main source of revenue — is declining, which means the US Postal Service more and more on junk mail to keep it afloat. Even that, though, took a hit during the recession. In addition, the USPS spends a lot on worker benefits, and the government had to inject money to keep the USPS going. The article goes into how the USPS could emulate postal services in foreign countries (who were more successful in adapting to modern times) in order to save itself. However, the article seemed like it relied heavily on the testimony of Phillip Herr to make its points. Not that I want quote-both-sides “balance,” but neither am I going to take this article as gospel.

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