Delicious Quickness and a Kata Curriculum

I need an easy way to share what I post on delicious. I’d like a way to share links on this blog without posting everything in my feed. (I often bookmark a ton of stuff in delicious when I’m researching a particular topic. Not all of these links are useful.) One possibility is to delve into the Delicious API and grab the bookmarks I tag with “myblog.” Then, I’ll format the links (a tags) and the descriptions (p tags). I could then cut and paste this into my blog. Another option is to just look at the source code in delicious, then copy and paste from that. (Just checked it. No good.)

I found some programming exercises: Here’s a 16-day curriculum: Go through the algorithmic exercises once in order. Write pseudocode and tests for these. Go through the algorithmic exercises a second time, in order, but this time implement the code. I don’t have any experience with TDD, so I need to learn that. A good book on that should be the next programming book I read.

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