Daily Archives: October 4, 2011


I overpaid for Schaub in both my drafts. Four weeks and this is the same as what I thought after the drafts, but my thoughts are more fleshed out now.

I had Vick/Brady/Rodgers/Brees/Rivers as a top tier. Then, I had Romo and Schaub. I thought the gap between them and any other QB was big because there was so much uncertainty. But the price I had to pay for Schaub was too much. I should’ve passed on QB, then waited until maybe Freeman or even Flacco/Stafford, who could’ve been had in the later rounds. My QB situation might not be better off, but my RB/WR situation would probably be better.

Of course, I wouldn’t be wringing my hands so much if I wasn’t hit so hard by injuries. I know, I know, it’s part of the game and this’ll be my last time complaining. I just want to mark it here, in case future me cares. I lost Jamaal Charles and Kenny Britt in one league. These were probably my two best players (with Mike Wallace a close third). I’m surprised I even have 1 victory, to be honest. In my other league, I also lost Kenny Britt, which is a shame because my team seemed unstoppable. (Britt, Roddy White, and DeSean Jackson as my top 3 wideouts. My RB situation was going to stabilize as LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles… not bad, right?)

Anyway, right now I have the two best tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, in one league. This is worthless since I can only play one. I need to make some type of trade.