Looks like class warfare to me

Hm, this seems prescient: something I wrote about class warfare last year.

Occupy Wall Street is an expression of class warfare, methinks. One could also argue that there are elements of the Tea Party that are part of this too. The left/right politics not only blind people to the fact that this is class warfare, but it probably keeps them divided too. I guess I’m waiting for the politician who sees the opening to unite the disaffected left and right.

As much as I actually want to root for the side that will screw over the rich, a demagogue may be concerning when it comes to civil liberties. Of course, civil liberties aren’t worth shit right now anyway.

For now, it’s some members of the police who have been violent, but the violence of the rich can’t compare to the potential violence by the poor.

I guess I’ll finish on that happy note.

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