Fantasy Update

Kung Fu Treachery needs a miracle to make the playoffs. (I need to win my match-up, plus I need two people to lose. Plus, I still need to outscore one of those losers.) I’m not making any money this year. Roddy White and Djax were disappointments, and Roddy White stopped dropping balls after I traded him. Ugh. I had two close losses the last two weeks (2 points and 3 points). Both of these would’ve been victories had my Eagles players done better. Shady got stopped on the two yard line 2 weeks ago. Djax dropped two potential TDs and got benched in the 4th quarter. Tough luck.

Slap Kings is first place, and I think a win clinches a playoff spot. Somehow this team has survived ridiculous injuries. Here are my top 7 draft picks: Jamaal Charles (out for season), Mike Wallace (still a stud), Frank Gore (a stud, but has underperformed since he got hurt), Ahmad Bradshaw (been hurt for last several weeks, but might actually play this week), Matt Schaub (out for season), Jimmy Graham (beast), and Kenny Britt. So, I’ve lost a lot of top-performing guys. But I have managed to overcome it. Time for a 3rd consecutive title.

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