Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Santorum and Torture

I liked Andrew Sullivan calling out Rick Santorum on the torture issue. Seriously, how can you claim to be a moral person and yet condone torture? This isn’t a simple disagreement on issues, or even a major disagreement on issues; this is an issue that trumps all else. To be a proponent of torture is to lack all moral grounding, to eschew what makes us civilized. I don’t care what else you believe. I mean, even if you are a small government fiscal conservative (which Santorum is not), this should trump everything else. He lacks a core moral principle. I mean, it’s like being a great fiscal conservative but also a child molester. Unacceptable! And with the presidency comes the power to act on that evil, to torture as Bush did. Santorum belongs nowhere near the presidency.

Plus, what’s up with the Republican war on contraception? If you’re Rush Limbaugh, a mother of two who’s having sex with her husband while using contraception provided by her health care provider is a prostitute. I know, trolls don’t care about logic, so I’ll stop there.