Daily Archives: September 2, 2012

SEC Dominance

I do think the SEC has been the best conference for the last 6 years, but I don’t think it’s been as dominant as everyone thinks. Let’s review the last 6 BCS Championships:

2006 – Florida defeats Ohio State <- Doesn't count, Big 10 sucks (Ted Ginn was hurt, but he can't catch anyway, so it's a wash) 2007 - LSU defeats Ohio State <- Doesn't count, Big 10 sucks 2008 - Florida defeats Oklahoma <- Win 2009 - Alabama defeats Texas <- Colt McCoy injured, so not so dominant 2010 - Auburn defeats Oregon <- Auburn wins on a last second field goal after a fluke non-tackle (that should've been called down), and the Oregon defense is better than most of the SEC defenses they went against 2011 - Alabama defeats LSU <- SEC is 1-1 in championship games this year I only count when game where the SEC dominated. One year, the SEC also lost a game. One year, they beat a team without their superstar QB. One year, they won on a last-second field goal. The other years they beat the Big 10, which doesn't really count. So, yes, the SEC is probably the best conference. (Or at least, at the top, they're great. If you root for a team like Ole Miss, I don't think you get to have any conference pride.) However, I don't think the consecutive championships prove that the SEC has been as dominant as people think.