Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

How to Get Rid of a Wasp

Step 1) Discover wasp in bedroom.
Step 2) Trap wasp in room. Escape with iPad, but no pants.
Step 3) Tweet about it.
Step 4) Have the most productive day coding since you started working at home. Avoid the wasp.
Step 5) At night, search entire room for wasp. When there is no trace of the wasp, assume you were mistaken and the wasp was outside the entire time. (After all, it’s not the first time.)
Step 6) Hear wasp in the morning and confirm that it’s inside.
Step 7) Don wasp-catching gear. Put on hoodie and jacket over hoodie. Put on thickest socks and pull over pant legs. Put on shoes. Put on oven mitts.
Step 8) Grab a jar and some cardboard to catch the wasp.
Step 9) Go back in bedroom and discover no sign of wasp.
Step 10) Research wasp traps on the internets.

To be continued…