Daily Archives: July 10, 2013


The spies keep winning at Resistance. I’m not sure why. I was almost always a spy, so that probably helped the spy side. I also think certain students are just naturally better at being spies than Resistance. Generally, I think my students are too quick to vote up missions and not doing enough talking and logicking as non-spies. Or maybe the bigger groups favor spies a bit more? It’s harder to figure out who the spy is when the first mission starts as 3.

In an attempt to tip the balance a bit more towards good, I brought in Avalon. The Merlin knows who everyone is, and even though the spies can assassinate him, I feel like it should help good. Unfortunately, the first time we played, the Merlin thought someone was a spy who wasn’t because of how the thumb was positioned. In attempt to change the balance more, I added Oberon. He’s basically a spy cut off from the rest of the spies. They don’t know who he is; he doesn’t know who they are; but the Merlin knows who he is. I think I may even try to add Percival. Percival knows who the Merlin is, which should tilt it towards good even more. Or maybe I should add the Lady of the Lake. I just worry that will take too long since we only have 30 minutes for break.