Puzzle and Addiction

I got into Puzzle & Dragons because my friends were playing it. I skipped out on the last craze, Candy Crush Saga, so I decided to give into peer pressure for this one.

Lots of games take their cues from gambling, trying to hook you with variable rewards. This game literally has a slot machine. Haha. Every so often, I’m even tempted to pump money into it. But I haven’t.

There doesn’t seem to be that much skill involved until you get to the higher levels. You start having to pay more attention to team composition. I also started playing a Horus-Horus team which requires matching at least 4 different colors in order to get an attack bonus. Not only is it fun smashing things, but it also requires a bit more thinking to play (which I enjoy).

The shittiest part of the game is getting particular evolution materials. Some of them are hard to get because you need to get lucky when they drop, and the dungeons take up a lot of stamina. Once your stamina is gone, you can’t play anymore until it recharges (1 stamina for every 10 minutes, I think). And, you’re frustrated as hell because you only need one damn thing, so frustrated that you’re almost tempted to spend money on the game in order to get stamina back. That is, you would, if you weren’t so pissed off at the game and didn’t want to play anymore anyway.

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