First draft

Finished my first draft for my 14-team league.

Should’ve waited a round for QB, but I was worried about being left out like last year. I ended up with Tom Brady and Danny Amendola, when I could’ve had Vincent Jackson and Russell Wilson. Oh well, at least I don’t have to cheer for the Seahawks.

My team so far: QB – Brady; RB – MoJo, Gore, Vereen, Knowshon Moreno; WR: Amendola, Lance Moore, Stevie Johnson, Josh Gordon, Emmanuel Sanders, Kenbrell Thompkins, Cordarrelle Patterson; TE – Dwayne Allen (I think Pettigrew is still on waivers); D/ST – CLE; K – Dan Bailey. It’s better than I expected for a 14-teamer.

I’m weak at WR, but I think I might get lucky with a few picks. I picked two guys who had 1000 yard season last year (Johnson and Moore), so they can be dependable. Amendola has potential if he stays healthy. Gordon should be solid too after his suspension. Sanders could end up being the number one guy in Pittsburgh (I’m not that bullish on Antonio Brown after owning him for a few years). Thompkins and Patterson are lotto tickets.

As for TE, after Graham, Gonzalez and Witten, there’s a bunch of fairly interchangeable guys. I like VD, but he’s always been TD-dependent. Plus, defenses take him away easily if they game-plan for him. His big games tend to come when the defenses are worried about other threats. I figure, with tight end, either you get a touchdown, or you get maybe 3 points. So, I waited and grabbed Dwayne Allen the round before my last bench pick. I think he’s better than Fleener. He could have a good season, or he could not. There’s still a couple options on the waiver wire that I find similar.

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