Just lost Lacy for the game, which makes it 3 lost players apiece for both teams. Clearly, the fantasy gods are angry at me for not doing as much research as other years.

In other, less important news, I have a new job working for a startup in Berkeley. I’m a full-time developer, I’m making more than I was at my old job, and I don’t have to drive to commute. I guess that means my year doing my own thing went pretty much as I planned. I did find a job quicker than I expected, which means I have more in my savings account.

I should say more, but I want to watch football.

One thought on “Injuries

  1. Lloyd Nebres

    Congratulations on the new job, Shawn! Just wanted to note here that I heard an astonishing report on NPR sometime this past week, about the, well… fantastic growth of the Fantasy economy. I had no idea that sort of money has been sloshing around (and growing) in that world. ItÊ»s intriguing, to say the least.

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