The 100, Season 3, Episode 6

Things only get crazier from here, right? There were a few big reveals in the last episode and the hints we’ve been seeing will probably get more fleshed out very soon.

One big thing was seeing that Polis is derived from Polaris, the 13th station that was destroyed. There’s a piece of it on Earth, which was perhaps an escape pod. It’s with Titus. We also know that ALIE has been searching for version 2 of her code. It should be a dormant or incomplete version, according to her. Her creator, Becca, went to space because she wanted “a more secure environment” and ALIE was the reason she wanted a more secure environment.

There’s something going on with Lexa and the previous commanders beyond superstition and reincarnation. Lexa with the incomplete infinity tattoo suggests a link to the “incomplete” 2.0 AI. Her saying death is not the end and that her spirits choose the next commander suggests something technology rather than spiritual using this new information. It’s something some people have been thinking, but this gives those thoughts more evidence. This episode also has Lexa saying that commanders speak to her in her dreams, which may be a more lo-fi version of ALIE ghosting it up everywhere. (I think ALIE is projecting herself through the neural pathways of the converted.) I suspect that 2.0 AI maybe trying to complete itself, and it has something to do with the commanders. Maybe adding their wisdom to the code helps complete it? Who knows. I also wonder if it has some type of vengeance protocol, lol, because Titus has been so obsessed with blood must have blood.

So we already know ALIE was dangerous (because she destroyed the world and before destroying said there were too many people), but we have another hint that Becca thought she was dangerous too. We also knew ALIE was locked away somehow, and I presume it was Becca who did it. Yet we have almost no insight into Becca aside from these indirect clues. We don’t know if Becca actually thought that there were too many humans as ALIE thought. It seems as if Becca shelved ALIE because ALIE was too dangerous and decided to work on a less dangerous version. But then why is ALIE looking for 2.0? Jaha calls it an upgrade, and perhaps that’s what ALIE told Jaha? But if that’s a less dangerous version, why would ALIE want it? There’s something contradictory there that makes it hard to figure out.

BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever seen ALIE lie. Deception seems to be more Jaha’s style. She’s curious as to why Jaha doesn’t tell Raven that she destroyed the world. He calls it an abundance of caution. The City of Light isn’t complete mind-control. They still have free will. They’re just freed from pain (emotional and physical) and then their behavior from there follows from that.

The 13th station had all records of it wiped. It was preserved through myth as this uncooperative station that they had to blow up to get the rest of the stations together. But there’s definitely more to it than that. I wonder what actually happened. Did you want it destroyed, Becca? Did they want to destroy you? There’s so much we don’t know! And I hope we know more soon!

Another big reveal is that Jaha forgot Wells. Wow. Hallucination-Wells leads Jaha to Earth. My favorite Jaha moment is still when he loses it and says “I lost my son” in season one. (Isaiah Washington has done such an amazing job on this show!) So, it’s crazy to see that he forgot Wells completely. I guess that’s what he meant by unburdened. I was wondering if he’d even want to visit Wells’s grave, but I wasn’t expecting him to completely forget him. It makes sense, though. We know that the infinity wafers work by inhibiting certain neural pathways from firing. To ALIE, pain is pain, so they stop both physical and emotional pain. To stop the pain, it seems as if it had to stop the neural pathways that help Jaha remember his son. That leads us to wonder if Raven has forgotten Finn. She’s not mad at Jasper. But I don’t think ALIE is helping her remember the same way that she helped Jaha remember. ALIE went into Arkadia’s mainframe and stopped her conversation with Raven before Jasper showed up. Perhaps she just hasn’t forgotten him yet. (Oh and since we got a better view inside the backpack, it looks like it’s confirmed that the nuke was used as a power source for backpack-ALIE and it wasn’t a ruse about some more nefarious purpose.)

Jasper wants to take the infinity wafer after seeing how great Raven’s doing. He gets maybe the best line of the episode when he says, “You only get scars once you’ve healed.” Abby stops him. We know that Jaha will probably get his keys back because Jackson has been converted. I wonder, though, if Jasper will still take the infinity wafer even if he knew it would make him forgot Maya. I think maybe he would, and that would be frightening. I don’t think that Raven would want to forget Finn.

I doubt the endgame of this series is everyone getting dying and the remnants of humanity living in the City of Light. So, if we assume that ALIE will get stopped somehow, I wonder what the after-effects of the City of Light will be. This show is about consequences, so I doubt anyone who went to the City of Light will just suddenly be normal once it disappears. The forgetting is likely permanent, if maybe the physical pain probably isn’t.

I don’t have as much to say about the other storylines right now, and it looks as if the storylines will be colliding more soon.

Clarke either gets revenge and looks like a hypocrite or has to choose banishment when Emerson-in-a-box is gifted from King Roan (who proves his loyalty and answers some of my questions from last week). She finds her way out of this riddle by granting Emerson his life, preserving blood must not have blood, but she still gets her revenge knowing the psychological pain Emerson will continue to endure. It undermines her decision in a way, but it satisfies Lexa. Lexa’s proving to be a true revolutionary (as she was when she united the clans in the first place). Clexa is full-steam ahead after the drawing scene and Titus getting mad about Clarke’s closeness with Lexa.

It’s cool seeing more of Titus. The show is revealing more and more of his character. He has something going on with Polaris tech and AI 2.0. He wants to protect Lexa. He doesn’t like Clarke’s ideas or her influence on Lexa. (I think it’s because he ships Bellarke, not Clexa.)

Hannah is getting more screen time too, so we get to see that she’s a badass. It’s awesome from a representation point of view. We get to see an older Asian woman be a badass and she doesn’t have to do martial arts, haha. She’s pretty cold-blooded ordering the death of the kid. I was a little confused about how to interpret that scene. One possible interpretation is that she was genuinely being nice to the kid, feeling motherly despite her hatred of grounders, and then decided to kill the kid once she was reminded of her duty. Another interpretation was that the friendliness was feigned so that the kid wouldn’t run right away, to make him/her easier to kill. Not sure which one is right.

Octavia didn’t handle the attempted evacuation in the best way. Yelling you’re all going to die certainly sounded like a threat. I like that the show sets up the poison gas by showing Octavia get hurt by the sap towards the beginning of the episode. Octavia’s getting taken to Lexa in Polis, which could get interesting.

Miller might be in trouble. He planted the bug in Pike’s office and he gave Octavia the horse. Pike tells Bellamy to get proof of Kane’s spying. (It’s telling that he doesn’t throw him immediately in jail, so he’s not a crazy-ass dictator. He thinks he has the mandate from the people and is acting on that democratic mandate.) I’m not sure that Bellamy will buy that the horse just coincidentally went missing. Miller has joined Kane’s side because he thinks it’s the best way to keep his friends alive.

That less than a year left before we starve revelation didn’t quite hit with the same impact as some of those season one choices did. Maybe because we already know Pike’s opinion and that Pike wanted to wipe out the grounder village before he even knew about the soil. It kind of weakens the choice. Pike’s an okay character, but he’s no wonderfully nuanced Dante Wallace at this point. But I think the weakness of the storyline is more Bellamy than Pike. I like to imagine a different version of Gina that was more jealous of Clarke and more “realistic” about peace with the grounders and who maybe could’ve asked Bellamy to stay instead of playing hero when the ice nation woman came and how that would’ve shaped Bellamy’s arc in a more believable way.

One thing I noticed was Kane regretting demanding the election. I wonder if he might be regretting the democratic process and if this may be the seeds of a more tyrannical Kane later on. That’s way too far ahead, and I don’t want to speculate that far because there’s so much unpredictable shit that’s yet to happen.

Parting thought: Abby to Kane, “Let’s call it hope… that you’ll get in my pants.”

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