Daily Archives: January 25, 2017

Punch Nazis

Punching Nazis is morally acceptable. This is about a specific form of violence against a specific group of people. It’s not a statement about violence in general, and not a statement about other forms of violence. Philosophically, I don’t need to demarcate all the points where violence is acceptable or unacceptable for it to be morally right. I mean, generally, people accept that some lies are good and some lies are bad. Some punching is good. Self-defense punching can be acceptable. Punching nazis counts too.

Here are some tweets on Nazi-punching to give further context:

And here’s my favorite version of the meme:

Memes aren’t just dumb internet pictures. They’re the future (and present) of warfare. And the warfare goes beyond merely ideas.


The meme is spreading!

Oops, looked at the replies and it seems like this is a different punch from the same day as the first punch?