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Normally, I leave politics off facebook. Instead, I post on twitter, or my blog, or talk on Slack, where I feel better expressing more radical views. Way too much anxiety to post on facebook and I’d likely post in a way that would alienate people.

But I posted something that pointed out that the rally at Berkeley was pretty overtly a white supremacist rally (despite being labeled as pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump protestors by more traditional media), and that expressed solidarity with antifa. It got more likes than I thought it would. However, I think that’s because the latter portion was behind “See more,” so most people didn’t see that portion. I suspect most of my facebook friends are liberals, and they’re more mushy about violence being a legitimate tactic against violent oppressors.

Regardless of whether people saw it or not, it still was encouraging. I had another conversation in someone’s facebook comments where I expressed solidarity, and the person I was talking to was unsure about the efficacy of antifa tactics but at least refused to condemn the violence. I’ve also tried to open up a bit more about how I think the world will be radically reshaped (still working along that framework I posted), and I feel more confident.

I want to start posting more radical stuff on facebook, educating people about the unjustness of our current economic systems, the possible eradication of work, abolishment of the prison-industrial complex (not reform), direct democracy, and more. It makes sense to post here to figure out my thoughts first. I suspect I’ll have to be more gentle on facebook, so hopefully I don’t scare too many people away. My goal is to expose them to more radical ideas and tip them towards radical critiques of capitalism and imperialism. I want to expand the discourse leftward. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t.

So, here’s the actual text I posted:

Alt-right = white supremacist hate group. They were holding a white supremacist rally in Berkeley. Stop pretending this is some type of “both sides are bad” “clash between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors.”
Here are the ties between the speakers/organizers at the rally and white nationalism/neo-Nazis:
Here’s an alt-right flag based off a third reich flag:

Here’s somebody giving a Nazi salute:

Here’s them with an anti-semitic sign:

One of the groups organizing the rally was Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group:

You can’t just ignore them. Their candidate is president, enacting terrible policies. White terrorists like James Harris Jackson and Dylann Roof have killed people.
I support those who defended us from white supremacist scum. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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  1. Compassionate listener in-training

    I think that I was involved in one of those FB discussions and, although the other commenter on the thread did launch some personal attacks, I was mindful of not returning fire. Once you start making personal accusations, the conversations devolve into something pretty useless.

    That said, I did want to call BS on parts of the conversation because they smacked of privileged, educated people talking tough but not living tough.

    I’ll bet this person has never walked up to a white supremacist on her own and clocked him. She thinks Nazis need to be killed, but has she ever killed one? Most of these Nazi/KKK/whatever folk are idiots, so it would be pretty easy to take one out. How many has she taken out?

    If someone thinks that’s the way to go: do it. Don’t BS about it like you gangsta when you clearly N.O.T. And don’t come for other people who are advocating an approach that they are ACTUALLY taking and not just BSing about on FB.

    So, that’s the piece of the conversation that I didn’t get into. Not to mention the fact that comparison of an intelligent, organized military (German Nazis) to a disorganized, low income, low IQ, trailer park club is, at the very least, over-stated at this juncture. Cuz despite all the talk about Trump and his supporters, the trailer park dudes are the ones marching around with swastikas. So, big deal: you knocked-out some low IQ, poor white trash on his butt. What exactly did that solve? Nothing. He’ll go back to the basement and get a gun. Then you’ll get a gun? Fine. Prove it, girl. Aww, no? You’ll just advocate it on FB.

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