What I’m Watching Now

Mostly I’m watching FX and HBO.

I’m watching Atlanta, the best show on TV right now. Love it so much. This season has met all my expectations. I’m also watching Legion, another FX show, which is a lot of fun. Kinda self-indulgent, although it has taken until episode 5 for me to get enough Lenny and Oliver.

Silicon Valley has surprisingly managed to stay relevant, with references to dumb pizza apps and crypto. It’s take on tech is usually good, but it was wrong about crypto being anonymous. Westworld is… I still feel like the flaws of Westworld haven’t been fixed, but I’m still optimistic.

Aggretsuko, on Netflix, was really good. I recently watched Dark (on Netflix) and Fortitude (on Amazon Prime). Oh and this season of Bob’s Burgers continues to be great. I could say more, but there’s other stuff I should be doing now.

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