Revisiting the Realignment

I’m once more pondering the prospect of a Realignment. For a long time now, I’ve felt that a shakeup is coming in terms of the way the parties are composed. Still, I could not figure out how the pieces would realign. With Obama appearing on the national scene, I’m now wondering if a generational battle […]

Dream of Realignment Still Alive

Check out this: Christian Coalition loses leader in dispute. Here’s the gist of the article: The Rev. Joel Hunter, of Northland, A Church Distributed, in Longwood, Fla., said he quit as president-elect of the group founded by evangelist Pat Robertson because he realized he would be unable to broaden the organization’s agenda beyond opposing abortion […]

How the elections felt

While I’ve said that I’m wandering the political wilderness, I have not yet cut off all my ties. I still belong to the College Republicans at JHU, some of whom appreciated my Why I’m Voting Republican piece. Since I still have some connection to the Republican party, the elections weren’t all dandy for me. I’m […]

Grappling with big questions

Here’s a link to Lloyd: the enemy in our midst. I’m just linking right now because I don’t really have answers yet. I’m beginning to wonder if the Republican Party can be salvaged. (Fiscal conservatives will know what I’m talking about. Burkean conservatives will know what I’m talking about.) I’m also wondering if big tectonic […]