Monthly Archives: April 2012

Today’s Theme

I made some changes today. I finally got my server’s memory usage under control by setting pre-fork MaxClients to 5 in apache. We’ll see if I run into problems later. I wasn’t even sure if MySQL or apache was hogging everything until I ran ps aux.

I also changed my WordPress theme. I had some strange worry it was doing something weird, so I just wanted to get WordPress to some base level. I mean, memory was fine until I put my blog up. So I thought it had something to do with that.

I was going to change my php engine and junk, but I don’t really think that’s necessary now.

What I want to do is change the WordPress theme to something more personal. Yet, I’m also not too happy with WordPress right now. So I probably should just do my own thing instead of making a WordPress theme, right? It’ll probably be the same amount of work.

Today is for…

Today is for…

* Super-laundry time
* Folding my sweaters and putting them away until Fall (today is such a nice day!)
* Taking a walk
* Reading on my balcony
* Doing stuff to my server so it doesn’t use so much damn memory (or rather, making sure the memory usage fits within the tiny amount of memory provided for this server)

Money is addictive

I’m so addicted to my bi-weekly salary. Not sure I can give it up.

I got my tax refund today. That means it’s time to buy a new iPad.

Lots of stuff on my mind. I really need to take some time just to think.

… but not on this blog… yet…

I will say that I’m getting the urge to take an adventure. To introduce some randomness into my life. To let myself make mistakes.

Mail mail mail

I finally got my mail server working. Which means I can start moving over chalkboard manifesto to the new server. Yes, I got a new server. I’m using Rackspace. I wanted something I could get shell access to, without them charging me an extra $20.

It took me soooo long to get the mail working. I thought setting up a server would be easy since I’d done it a million times. Only I hadn’t ever done the mail thing, so it took way longer than I thought. I’ve painstakingly documented how I got it working. I’ll eventually post all that stuff, but not on this blog.

To be honest, I’m not sure it’s worth it setting up all the server stuff myself. I guess it’s good experience or something. I’m actually not even completely done with the mail stuff, but I’m close enough for now.

In other news, big changes are coming in my life. All of that will be announced soon enough.

Gun Statistics

Anyone know a good place to delve into the statistics of gun ownership and crime? Oh yeah, and suicides and accidents. I kind of want to look into it a bit.

Of course, statitistics don’t paint a full picture. Assume a vigilante society with full gun ownership was safer. It’d still be worse because of a lack of due process.

Oh and one more thing to look up: the history of stand your ground laws. Curious to see if it was driven by high-profile media stories.