Monthly Archives: October 2011

Looks like class warfare to me

Hm, this seems prescient: something I wrote about class warfare last year.

Occupy Wall Street is an expression of class warfare, methinks. One could also argue that there are elements of the Tea Party that are part of this too. The left/right politics not only blind people to the fact that this is class warfare, but it probably keeps them divided too. I guess I’m waiting for the politician who sees the opening to unite the disaffected left and right.

As much as I actually want to root for the side that will screw over the rich, a demagogue may be concerning when it comes to civil liberties. Of course, civil liberties aren’t worth shit right now anyway.

For now, it’s some members of the police who have been violent, but the violence of the rich can’t compare to the potential violence by the poor.

I guess I’ll finish on that happy note.


I overpaid for Schaub in both my drafts. Four weeks and this is the same as what I thought after the drafts, but my thoughts are more fleshed out now.

I had Vick/Brady/Rodgers/Brees/Rivers as a top tier. Then, I had Romo and Schaub. I thought the gap between them and any other QB was big because there was so much uncertainty. But the price I had to pay for Schaub was too much. I should’ve passed on QB, then waited until maybe Freeman or even Flacco/Stafford, who could’ve been had in the later rounds. My QB situation might not be better off, but my RB/WR situation would probably be better.

Of course, I wouldn’t be wringing my hands so much if I wasn’t hit so hard by injuries. I know, I know, it’s part of the game and this’ll be my last time complaining. I just want to mark it here, in case future me cares. I lost Jamaal Charles and Kenny Britt in one league. These were probably my two best players (with Mike Wallace a close third). I’m surprised I even have 1 victory, to be honest. In my other league, I also lost Kenny Britt, which is a shame because my team seemed unstoppable. (Britt, Roddy White, and DeSean Jackson as my top 3 wideouts. My RB situation was going to stabilize as LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles… not bad, right?)

Anyway, right now I have the two best tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, in one league. This is worthless since I can only play one. I need to make some type of trade.

Your Favorite Show

Imagine that your favorite TV show was canceled 5 years ago. Now, it’s been announced that they’re going to do another season and a movie. Let’s pretend there’s a 50/50 chance that a) they’ll be better than the original or b) so bad they’ll ruin the show for you forever. Really, you won’t be able to enjoy the show any longer. Let’s also pretend you have the power to kill the new season and movie. Would you do it? What if the odds were 75/25? 25/75?

My answer: It’d depend on how good my second favorite show was in comparison to my favorite show. If it’s really good, I’d even go with the 25/75 considering that I have a high tolerance for letting chance play its role.

(Why this question? I felt inspired after reading Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.)