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Fantasy Football Whining

Time to whine:

I had almost the worst possible outcome this week. Despite having the Drowned Men having the 3rd highest score in a 12-team league, I am going to drop from 5th to 6th place this week. The team with the highest score was my opponent, and the team with the 2nd highest score was the team one spot below me in the rankings.

I get blown out because: BenJarvus Green-Ellis goes over 100 yards and scores a touchdown, making this his one good game this year; Lance Moore has 2 touchdowns on only 3 catches (thanks Raiders defense), which doubles his touchdowns for the year; and Gronk is Gronk.

Going into this week, I was 5th place, but sharing the same 6-4 record as the 2nd place team (and 3rd and 4th). A victory could’ve helped move me up. Now, the 6th place team, which was at 5-5 is going to move ahead of me. We’ll both have the same record, but he’ll have more points since I decided to bench Stevie Johnson for Brian Hartline.

Despite all this, I could have a playoff spot all but locked up if Michael Bush outscores Frank Gore in another game. Yeah, probably not going to happen. All the other teams would be at least 2 games back with two games left to play (and me well ahead in points) if this were to happen. If it doesn’t, there’s one team that could win out and take my spot if I lose both of my next games.

Of course, next week I get to play the number 1 seed. Probably a loss. Luckily my Week 13 game is against the team that would need to win out to take my spot. I still control my own destiny. Well, as much as you can in fantasy football.


In my other league, a loss last week and a loss this week has knocked me out of the playoff picture. A win last week would’ve taken me from 5th to 4th. I needed a win this week to maintain any hope. Matthew Stafford underperformed, which about sums up my season. Drafting him kind of ruined my season. It hurts especially since I passed up on my draft-crush Jamaal Charles to draft the QB. In the chatroom during the draft, I was urged to follow my heart. I didn’t, and the fantasy gods have made me pay the price.

This ends a streak of I don’t know how long playoff appearances. Definitely 3 years. I mean, I followed two titles with a #1 seed last year. Probably 4 or 5. Maybe even since I started fantasy football. I don’t know if I’ve never made the playoffs.


Oh wait, I recalculated this, and I’m not entirely out of the playoffs. There are 3 games to go, not 2 games. I can still get to 7-6. It’ll take a few miracles, but I’ve had miracles happen before.