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Bare Feet and Dress Shoes

I was looking at my bare foot next to my dress shoe and I wondered how that ugly thing fit in that elegant shoe. A dress sock streamlines my foot, and makes it look as if it belongs in the shoe. But that ugly foot really made me ponder shoes. Why do they look as they do?

Whenever I get so detached, everything seems ridiculous to me.

Putting the Saturn Back in Saturnalia

A group of concerned Romans are on a crusade to bring back the real meaning of the holiday season: worshipping the gods. They are demanding that department stores greet their customers with “Bona Saturnalia!” rather than the all-inclusive “Happy Holidays.” So far, their boycott has been unsuccessful, but they are hopeful.

“Of course we’re not going to get results right away. For almost two thousand years, we’ve let them get away with hijacking our holiday. They’ve added so many elements: the creche, Jesus… It’s just not the same holiday. And don’t get me started with the secularists. It’s about time we took back the holiday,” said one unhappy ancient Roman.

Indeed, while we used to look at a representation of Saturnus, now we have Santa Claus. A recent survey indicated that “practically no one except a couple of losers” celebrate Saturnalia.

Still, the ancient Romans are not discouraged. One Roman explains, “It’s not just about taking back our holiday, but about excluding people. That’s what the holiday season is really about: excluding those who don’t share our beliefs.”

Movies I’ve Seen Since I Left for Las Vegas

A list of movies I’ve seen since I’ve left for Las Vegas (and subsequently arrived):

  • The Day After Tomorrow – bad movie, fun to make fun of… the beginning totally reminded me of Ice Age
  • White Chicks – I thought it’d be retarded, but it was hilarious (yeah, it’s still retarded)
  • Shogun Assassin – holy shit this movie is awesome, one of my new favorites

See y’all on the 28th or 29th. More intermittent entries to come whilst on vacation.

On the Existence of Santa Claus

Although I haven’t always been an atheist all my life, I have always been somewhat of a skeptic. I remember an incident in second grade when I was denying the existence of Santa Claus. I was saying it was all our parents doing. Then, one kid said he had once received a present that none of his relatives could have afforded. I was still skeptical, but what could I do against such an anecdote? I conceded that maybe Santa did exist, but for the majority of people, it was still just their parents.

Now, I’m older, and I know for sure there is no Santa. I know his anecdote is wrong. You know what? Despite what the “where’d this present come from” and “I didn’t hire that Santa” sitcom and cartoon endings may indicate, there are no Christmas miracles due to Santa. Santa is a lie.

I didn’t always think of it as a lie. I used to think of Santa as a metaphor. My cousins still believed in Santa at one point, and my parents didn’t want me to “ruin” it for them. So, my mom taught me that Santa was a metaphor for giving. I went with it.

But why ascribe giving to Santa Claus? What’s wrong with giving by itself? There’s no purpose for Santa Claus if it’s just some metaphor. A Santa that is a metaphor is no Santa at all.

I think about gods the same way I think about Santa Claus. (Well, not as a lie.) People give these anecdotes about miracles, but I’m extremely skeptical. I was already duped once with Santa. I’m not going to get duped again. Okay, I realize this statement could offend people, but I really do see it somewhat the same way.

I also will never believe in God as a metaphor. Some people say God is love. I don’t buy it. Why not just believe in love then? A god that is a metaphor is no god at all.

Kelly Wins!

Yes! Kelly won! I was so afraid that Jennifer would win until nearly everyone interviewed said that Kelly was the better candidate. Trump made the right choice. Jennifer seemed to skate by, flying under the radar. It may have been good strategy to get to the finals, but not to win, since Kelly’s record was better.

I really started to like Raj, but then he was fired. When he asked for Robin’s number, that was classic, and my respect for him went sky high. After Raj was fired, my pick was either Andy or Kelly. But I didn’t really like either of them. Andy lost the cell phone, and that was a horrible mistake. Kelly was a good leader, but seemed a bit too dictatorial, and he lacked something.

That something was what more of the first season had. I really really liked Troy, and felt he should’ve been the Apprentice. I even liked Bill way better. The first season just had more passion, but not the bitchy kind of passion the second season candidates had. They were overall more likeable.

And now I’m worried about season three. The first season had some hotties. The second season was mediocre. The third season preview had some weird looking people in it. It’s not just hotness, but I wonder how likeable, and exciting, these people will be. I’m not impressed yet.

Security Reform Bill

Senate easily passes security reform bill. How can we prevent another 9/11? Why, by adding more bureaucracy! “The bill, which passed 89-2, includes many recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, such as the creation of a national director of intelligence and a national counter-terrorism center to better coordinate the activities of the nation’s 15 intelligence agencies.” Why didn’t I think of that before? Of course more bureaucracy is the answer to our problems.

Bravo to the two Senators who voted against it.

The Big Dipper

The other day, I looked at the stars. It’s usually cloudy here, so it was a real treat to see the stars. The sky seems strangely empty, though. Everything is so bright, and there aren’t too many stars. I seem to remember seeing more. After spotting Orion after getting out of the car, I had to go to the backyard and just look at the stars. It felt so weird because I hadn’t seen the stars in so long.

I was reminded of the last time we had a blackout. When I went outside, the world was brighter than it should have been. I couldn’t figure out the source of this eerie bluish light, if all the power was out. It took me a while, but I finally realized that it was coming from the moon. The world was bathed in moonlight. It was so alluring, I almost wanted to stay out there all night and perhaps dance in it. Yet, it was too cold.

It was even colder the night I was looking at the stars, but I had to anyway. I found Orion once more, and I could see not only the belt, but the dagger and the entire constellation. I found the W that was Cassiopeia. But what I really wanted to find was the Big Dipper. The constellation that should always be in the sky no matter what the season… the constellation that helps you find the North Star, so you can find your way home. Only I was already home, and I wanted to find something else. I remembered seeing the Big Dipper as a child (Hah, what am I saying? I’m still a child), and I just wanted to recapture something. But I tried and I tried, and I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find the Little Dipper either. It was really really frustrating, and even my dad and sister couldn’t find it. I was so disoriented. The sky no longer felt familiar, and I felt as if I should’ve known where everything was, but I couldn’t find anything. I left the night sky very disappointed. I don’t know exactly why, but I really really wanted to see it.

So, if there’s anyone out there, with a clear view of the night sky… take a picture of the Big Dipper for me. I’ll keep looking every night, and as soon as I find it, I’ll take my own picture.

And no, sticking glow in the dark stars on my ceiling is not enough.

Triumph for Democracy: New Vote in Ukraine

News story: Court orders repeat Ukraine poll.

I’m relieved and ecstatic that the court ordered a new vote, but this news article doesn’t make me any more comfortable.

All we get of the detailed accounts of election fraud that must’ve been submitted to their supreme court is that it’s a “controversy [that] broke out when the presidential run-off vote on November 21 was handed to Mr Yanukovich despite strong polling signs that Mr Yushchenko had won.” Yeah, strong polling signs. That’s what started the controversy. That’s what the over 11,000 complaints to regional courts are complaining about. (See news article in previous entry.)

I’ll tell you this: It isn’t about some symbolic dispute between Russia and the West… it’s about democracy. And yet still, after the courts decided, the widespread electoral fraud is only “alleged.”

I don’t get it. Why can’t you just put one little line about the details of the widespread and blatant election fraud? What are you trying to hide? Why are you trying to hide it? Why? Just one sentence. It’s not that hard.

Look, you even wrote a whole Q&A article on the Ukraine electoral fraud, and still, you won’t put why! WHY ARE YOU HIDING THIS! (Oops, I meant electoral “crisis” not fraud.) How come no one asked, “What types of electoral fraud were alleged?” See, you could’ve still put “alleged” in there and put something. But no. You don’t. And I think it’s because you’re trying to hide something.

Democracy and truth triumphed. That’s what just happened in Ukraine, in case anyone can’t figure it out from the article, or from any other article.

Ukraine Election Fraud

Someone today in class asked me what was going on in Ukraine. Indeed, what is going on in Ukraine? You hear about election fraud but just what the hell happened? When I saw one news story (can’t find it anymore), all I saw was mention of discrepancy in exit polls. I was going to completely trash this so-called election fraud. Glad I wasn’t so quick on the draw.

This is a must-read: Revealed: the full story of the Ukrainian election fraud. (Note: Found this via Patterico’s Pontifications, which found it from Captain’s Quarters.

But check out this MSNBC article, Talks fail to resolve Ukraine election dispute. Priceless. All we see is mention of election fraud. So, so, people, tell me, why is the American media hiding this? Why? A quick google search on “ukraine election fraud” and none of the American articles reference the obvious travesty of democracy.

I’d like to emphasize something else in the article. Notice the headline, and then notice the picture of happy people with their arms thrown up. Talks fail… *CHEER!*

Well, people, if Yanukovich pulls this off, you can fear for the future of democracy. I know both candidates are urging for violence not to happen, but shouldn’t you fight if an election is so obviously stolen? A government that no longer represents the people should be overthrown. I only hope that a new election will be held.

Compared to this, Afghanistan’s election went ahead without a hitch.