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Tell Don’t Show

Continuing my closing tabs blogging series…

Here’s a small rabbit hole I went down, originally looking at how “show, don’t tell” isn’t objective writing advice, but the result of CIA anti-communist propaganda. (Full disclosure: I was definitely super pro show don’t tell. As of now, I barely write so I have no writing philosophies. But when I watch TV, I do prefer economical story-telling and that typically means I don’t enjoy too much exposition, but I suppose a little tell can go a long way.)

The CIA Battled the Kremlin With Books and Movies (this one is related bashing of show, don’t tell)

Also, I might get these two books:

The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters by Frances Stonor Saunders
The Program Era: Postwar Fiction and the Rise of Creative Writing by Mark McGurl

Social and Kids

Found this article very interesting. I read it with Stevie: What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smart Phone.

Might get an art table for Fiona. Will have to discuss this with other parents too I suppose. I don’t want to be alone on this. (Part of discussing this also means getting a broader support system for myself as a parent.)

On a related note, I can’t imagine giving my kid access to YouTube given all the terrifying shit on there.

Stevie and I recently did a digital detox. I’m failing at reintegrating digital stuff into my life. Kinda binging now. This blogging is an attempt to close some open tabs so that I don’t get distracted when I use Safari on my phone.

Sorry, no deeper thoughts on this. Just wanted some way to record that I read this besides leaving an open tab or saving it on a bookmark and never revisiting it.

I want to get my own digital life in order before I figure out how I’ll handle my kid’s. Luckily, I have years.

CRDT Rabbit Hole

I went down this rabbit hole looking at Conflict-free Resolution Data Types. Needed some place to put these links and here will suffice. I think distributed is the future of the web and it won’t be blockchain. Anyway, still in initial research phases. Maybe automerge is the future of AIC.

Distributed Systems and the End of the API