Social and Kids

Found this article very interesting. I read it with Stevie: What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smart Phone.

Might get an art table for Fiona. Will have to discuss this with other parents too I suppose. I don’t want to be alone on this. (Part of discussing this also means getting a broader support system for myself as a parent.)

On a related note, I can’t imagine giving my kid access to YouTube given all the terrifying shit on there.

Stevie and I recently did a digital detox. I’m failing at reintegrating digital stuff into my life. Kinda binging now. This blogging is an attempt to close some open tabs so that I don’t get distracted when I use Safari on my phone.

Sorry, no deeper thoughts on this. Just wanted some way to record that I read this besides leaving an open tab or saving it on a bookmark and never revisiting it.

I want to get my own digital life in order before I figure out how I’ll handle my kid’s. Luckily, I have years.

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