Monthly Archives: October 2013

Appeasing the Gods

I’m not sure what I did, but I seem to have appeased the fantasy gods. After my team BMO started 1-3, with 2 losses of 2 points or less, I turned things around and will improve to 4-3 after this week. My other team, Dragon Army, was renamed to Dragon Army b4 Ender after my 0-4 start. But after this week’s close win, I will be 3-4. The thing is, I haven’t really made big changes to my teams. My players are playing better, or healthier, or not on bye (or off suspension in the case of Josh Gordon). In fact, my team that started 0-4 was starting to look like a big threat until the loss of Randall Cobb. I’ve got Russell Wilson at QB, Morris, McCoy, and Lacy at RB, Gordon and Allen at WR, and Clay and Reed at TE. I picked up Reed when Clay was on bye, and I thought he was too valuable to drop. I was right about that, but wrong not to start him in any of my leagues. At least I got a TD from Clay. I feel like I’ve also started to get a better handle on which teams are good and which teams aren’t, so I’ve been able to make better pickups for streaming a defense. My 4-3 team is pretty thin, with Gore and Moreno as my stud RBs (I lost Vereen early and Maurice-Jones Drew was a terrible draft decision.) I’m weakest at QB, with Tom Brady; however, I’m still hopeful things will turn around with more playing-time with Gronkowski. At WR, I’m starting Josh Gordon and probably Stevie Johnson. My other options are Emmanuel Sanders and Kenbrell Thompkins. Not exactly world-beaters. I’ve somehow managed to sit Thompkins every game he has scored a touchdown and start him every game he hasn’t. I’ve also got Reed and Clay, and I’m tempted to start Clay at flex over my lesser WRs. This week, I very strongly considered starting Reed over Clay, (especially considering their respective matchups) but in the end, I decided to wait to Reed to really break out. I guess he has, haha.

In fact, my best move this week was NOT making a trade and keeping my team the same. I was offered Doug Martin and Cam Newton for Russell Wilson and Alfred Morris. Good thing too because I would’ve lost if I hadn’t started Wilson. I also was offered Cutler for Lacy. Luckily, I didn’t take that one because Cutler got hurt. I was also trying to get a deal for Garcon with a third team, but then I was offered a deal for Aaron Rodgers. I may have still won with that decision, but I’m glad I’ve kept my team together because I think it’s stronger.

Hopefully they continue to reward my decision-making.

In less boring news…

My job keeps me really busy. It’s not bad, though, because I actually enjoy the work and believe I’m making an impact on the company. I’m also enjoying getting paychecks. I don’t think I ever want to run my own business.

I’m reading May We Be Forgiven by A.M. Homes. I’m really enjoying it, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be darkly funny and I don’t really find myself laughing that much. Don’t get me wrong, there are funny parts, but that’s not why I find it so engrossing.