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Out of Context Awards: April 2004

Didn’t do them last month because the ol’ weblog was down, so here they are, a little late:

“I didn’t dry my hair and when I went outside, I got chlamydia.” – Craig

It has been so long that I don’t really remember the context. He was certainly making fun of someone.

“I wish I was a plastic bag.” – Delora

Walking to the band room, relatively quiet, saw the serene plastic bag floating in the wind.

Hm… which one to pick as the winner. I guess Craig’s chlamydia quote.

In context award:

“It’s a jackal!” – Craig

Every single Pictionary round answer. And, he wasn’t even playing.

School Election Irony

This happened during the time my weblog was down, and I just now remembered to write about it:

This time around, for the senior class elections (I’m going to call it that since I’m going to be a senior next year), a lot of people ran. In my The Inherent Communist Nature of Schools piece, I characterized my student elections as “Stupid Human Tricks.”

I guess some people have caught on to this vibe, and recognized that this does nothing to prove your worth. Practically no one dressed up. However, instead of showing that they were qualified, all they did was proclaim, “I don’t need to entertain you… I don’t need any cheap gimmicks.”

Then, comes my friend, Mr. Ryan Foley running for senate. He is the only one dressed up, sporting a grass skirt, straw hat, and coconut bra. He gives an entertaining speech, and thus distinguishes himself from the other candidates. I remind you that there were quite a few candidates, few very unique.

Ryan’s new nickname is “Mr. Senator,” because he won the election.

Now, isn’t that ironic?

Maybe you don’t need a cheap gimmick, but you definitely don’t need the anti-cheap gimmick: blandness.

Home Stretch ’04

Ever since I got back from Spring Break, things have been hectic. I joined the Spring Musical, which involved rehearsals until 11:00 PM. My web sites went down. I had multiple drafts for a research paper. I had the AP US History exam. I joined Hayward Honor Jazz Band, involving long rehearsals. I had test after test in other classes. No rest for the weary. I’ve been so used to sleeping late that now I can’t fall asleep until at least 11:00. And, it doesn’t look as if it’s going to slow down. I have a history project. I have finals coming. I doubt I’ll be able to do much with the weblog until school ends.

This is headline news?

Headline news:
Bush falls off bicycle
Headline news:
Bush chokes on pretzel

Who hasn’t fallen off a bicycle, or choked on something?
This is headline news?

“Well, you’re not the president.”

Hell, I could be if that’s all that’s important about being a president.

webhost died

My web host died on me. So, I lost all my stuff. Luckily, I went to the Google cache and preserved from material before it was lost. The only things I’m missing are the seconds in the timestamp for my entries, and the complete date for any comments after February 11.

Now I’m on a new host. I downloaded MovableType 3 this time around. I’m still trying to fix things and upload my old entries, so bear with me.

So far, I haven’t put up my comments or the entries from between late February and yesterday.

I have a lot of homework, and I’m going to make a Majestic comic tomorrow. The weblog is lower on the priority list right now. Thus, I’m not sure when I’ll be done rebuilding everything.