Monthly Archives: September 2013


Just lost Lacy for the game, which makes it 3 lost players apiece for both teams. Clearly, the fantasy gods are angry at me for not doing as much research as other years.

In other, less important news, I have a new job working for a startup in Berkeley. I’m a full-time developer, I’m making more than I was at my old job, and I don’t have to drive to commute. I guess that means my year doing my own thing went pretty much as I planned. I did find a job quicker than I expected, which means I have more in my savings account.

I should say more, but I want to watch football.

Week 1

It’s week 1 and I already have 3 guys who probably aren’t playing this week. Shane Vereen is gone until at least week 11 and Amendola probably won’t play this week. I also have Josh Gordon, but that’s my fault for picking him up. I just didn’t think I’d lose guys so fast. Oh and hopefully Dwayne Allen plays or I’m really screwed, especially considering how deep this league is (14 teams). I drafted terribly. I picked up Tom Brady instead of Vincent Jackson, and I drafted MoJo over Ray Rice. Hahaha. All my mock drafts went better. My receiver picks haven’t really panned out either. Amendola is hurt (as said before). Kenbrell Thompkins supposedly looked not very sharp. Emmanuel Sanders is on a Steelers offense that looks to be terrible enough that you should stream defenses against them. I’m really done if Josh Gordon isn’t any good when he comes back. Without Amendola, my WR options are really all more WR3 guys and I don’t even have a WR2-type guy. Cordarelle Patterson looks like he probably won’t crack the starting line-up for a while. Lance Moore and Stevie Johnson have talent, but probably won’t do that great. My RB corp is very thin without Vereen. I’m down to 3 guys now, with Knowshon Moreno as my 3rd RB. I need more depth, but the waiver wire doesn’t really have anyone at RB. I would be in a much better situation had Vereen panned out.

In my other league, I also lost my first game, but I’m in a much better situation. I’m super strong at RB. McCoy looks amazing. Eddie Lacy didn’t do well against the 49ers, but I don’t think that’s because of a lack of talent. Apparently DeAngelo Williams is playing well too. And I still have Alfred Morris. Randall Cobb did well for my WR1 slot. WR2 is not looking great, since TY Hilton and Kenbrell Thompkins didn’t play that well. I bought too much into the Kenbrell Thompkins hype, I guess. I’m going back to avoiding rookie WRs and rookie RBs.

I wasn’t really as prepared for this year’s drafts as I was for years prior. I need to do more studying up on each individual leading up to the draft instead of just looking at rankings and picking guys who were decent last year.

It’s looked bleak before, but I’ve managed to trade my way out of the darkness. Maybe I can pull off some of the same magic this year.