I Will Not Rest

I’m pissed. I put my satirical News-letter up on my door, and someone took it off. I feel like my first amendment rights were violated. Nay, I feel like a prisoner. I wonder if I’m even allowed to put whatever I want on my fucking door. That color version cost me 35 cents to print. The least they could do was slide it under my door.

So, I walk into the bathroom and the shower curtains look replaced [EDIT: Never mind, I was seeing things. The first one is still grody as hell, but my roommate told me last night that the third stall looked new.], but second shower curtain is gone, replaced with a yellow piece of paper that says, “See Shawn in room 338. What?” I live in 335. I don’t know why the fuck the paper’s there or what’s going on, if someone is mad or happy. Personally, I don’t give a fucking shit. I’ll offend who I want whenever the fuck I want because I had to put up with those grody-ass shower curtains. That picture is never going to die; I don’t care when you replace the curtains. The fact remains that I had to put up with those curtains for two weeks at the very least. Thanks for people at Quality of Life at RAB for assuring me that they were working on it, but if you don’t want your asses to the fire, then cut through the fucking red tape faster. I’m not paying 40k to put up with this bullshit.

The Agnoiologist is not done. I WILL NOT REST! I will find other issues, expose other faults! Rest assured, this one-man First Amendment crusade will never falter, no matter what obstacles are placed in my way.


Here’s a picture of the paper. It’s written on the back of an Escort Van fact sheet.