Possible Security Problem in Congress?

There’s some stuff being bandied about on Cynthia McKinney, but I don’t really care about people crying about race-baiting. I have some legitimate concerns about security. Here’s the low-down to keep you up to date: AMERICAblog on McKinney: “McKinney waltzes into the Congress the other day, bypasses the security checkpoint (which members of Congress are permitted to do), but she doesn’t identify herself as a member of Congress and isn’t wearing her ID pin that ALL members of Congress are required to wear when at work (for the very reason that there are 535 of them, and it’s not always clear who’s a member). It’s that pin that tells the cops at the metal detector that she’s a member of Congress and not a walking human bomb.”

I wonder how that ID pin works. Is it just a piece of plastic?

Bruce Schneier elaborates on the problem of forged credentials. In this situation, how easy would it be for someone to forge a pin and sneak right into Congress? (And God knows what he or she will do.)

Furthermore, there’s probably no need to even forge an ID pin. Just walk past the security gate like McKinney did and then get a running start over the security officer.

I’m no security expert, but maybe it’s better if we search members of Congress instead of giving them a free pass. It solves the false identification problem and solves the Cynthia McKinney problem. It doesn’t leave this wide gap in their security that’s easy to get around. However, the only problem it creates is the “inconveniences Congress” problem. I think that’s a sacrifice they should be willing to make.

One thought on “Possible Security Problem in Congress?

  1. Kyle

    I didn’t bother to comment on that other weblog you have a link to because, well, it was just too damn annoying. I don’t care who you are, it’s a security issue that just can’t be overlooked. She shouldn’t be cut any slack. I don’t care if she just saved the world from a giant freakin meteor. Shit happens. She could have turned around overnight and became a terrorist, with a plot to bring in a bomb, and the security just let her in. Given that is a far-fetched scenario, but I’m still sticking with the fact that something like this could happen.

    I’m so sick of hearing people play the race card. I almost just want to say “Yes, you’re right. I hate you because you are black, and I’m going to discriminate against you. So deal with it.” (which I would like to also say is not the case, I’m not racist, but I do think that it is all ridiculous.)
    Just yesterday, I don’t recall what city and state, but the government there is trying to build a barrier between roads to keep traffic from crossing or something like that, I don’t know… I just caught the end of it… but anyways, they were interviewing this African-American man (to be politically correct), and he was trying to say that it was to keep the black and hispanic minorities out of the other town.


    And as if they didn’t know how to hop a fence or two anyways. right?

    (Yes I am making a semi-racist comment because of how annoyed I am over the issue.)

    One last example then I’m done kids, hang in there.

    When the whole Katrina thing happened and the levvy broke… some african-american political leader (whom I do not know the name of because frankly I don’t care) claimed that it was blown up to “strategically destroy the black part of the town”.

    …yeah you know what? We thought about it, but God beat us to it…

    Grow up. Stop trying to look for a cheap ass way to jump through a few loopholes and gain more power or money.

    Did it ever occur to Mrs. McKinney that maybe she did, IN FACT, do something wrong? As popular and loved as she may think she is, not everyone knows her face, and I think she needs to understand that.

    I know this all seems very… unorganized, but please understand, it’s late(midnight where I am), I’m tired, and my mind is going a million miles a minute and these are random, unplanned thoughts im expressing.

    …thats all I have to say. I’m done venting.

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