The Apprentice and Product Placement

Personally, I think The Apprentice is a brilliant show because it’s just one big advertisement for several companies. Donald Trump didn’t just make a TV show. He somehow created a way to be “subtle” when loudly plugging products and companies. It’s blatant while pretending not to be blatant, as if advertisement is normal in a TV show.

The New York Times (I need to write something one of these days that doesn’t reference the NY Times) put out an article on The Apprentice, claiming that “‘The Apprentice’ has pushed the boundaries for product placement, creating challenges centered on any number of consumer goods (and plugging them). In an episode shown last week, for example, the contestants competed to sell a new sandwich offered by 7-Eleven.”

Even though I think the product placement on The Apprentice brilliant, I find it difficult to agree with the claim of the New York Times. At heart, The Apprentice is a game show, not reality TV. Nothing can ever beat The Price is Right at product placement.