Our sick republic and our sick military

I’m going to print out this article, The Pentagon Gets a Lesson From Madison Avenue, and put it in my sarcasm filing cabinet, under “Fucking Brilliant.”

Yes, fucking brilliant! What the military needs is re-branding in Iraq! If we label this lead balloon as a happy balloon, everyone will buy it!

0 thoughts on “Our sick republic and our sick military

  1. Lloyd

    Not only is the leadership of the U.S. military saddled with a dangerous myopia, its better judgment has been clouded over by political considerations based on faulty geopolitical analyses; and its good instincts—necessary in a time of crisis—are nowhere to be found. (I.e., the military has taken the worldview of the neocon-deluded Bush Administration, lock, stock and barrel, and run with it—to clearly disastrous consequences for itself in Iraq.)

    H. Clinton might be the most grating politician ever but I for one am thrilled that she’s standing up to the Pentagon and calling them out for their chilling disregard of constitutional process. Couldn’t agree more with Fred Kaplan over at Slate: The Pentagon insults Hillary Clinton. Big mistake.