Finally, Some Motivation

Last night, I finally felt motivated, and it carried over to this morning. It’s amazing when I think about the number of mornings I’ve woken up where I’ve had no reason to get up in the morning. I actually was excited this morning to wake up. I finished writing my resume, which I had been putting off for a long time. I attribute this newfound motivation to a recent failure.

This last Saturday, I went apartment hunting with two friends of mine. It was tiring, but exciting. We even found a nice place, in a great location, for a really good price. Unfortunately, I had to back out because I don’t have my shit together. I don’t have a car or a job yet, so I decided it wasn’t in my best interests to move out yet. Plus I didn’t want to be jobless 4 months down the road, run out of money, and leave my roommates with the bill. My parents are willing to help out when I’m home, but not if I move out.

So not having my shit together finally had some real world consequences. I decided it was time to get my shit together. Looking for a place to live made it a concrete goal. Since it’s more tangible, I have something I can visualize. This has made me more motivated. For example, having “something you really would like” isn’t as motivating a prize as “that video game you have been talking about for months.” The concrete is better when it comes to goals.

Plus, this may be a blessing in disguise. The first place we looked at was amazing, but out of our price range. Once I have a job, it may very well be within my price range. Something to look forward to, yes?

I’m going to set my priorities, get things done, and life will be awesome.

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