Eating Chips for Breakfast

As I was eating potato chips for breakfast, I had the urge to update facebook. My status would read: “Shawn McDonald is eating chips for breakfast.” I’m sure that would’ve received several likes and one or two comments, at least.

I’m limiting my facebook usage to M-W-F, only once per day, and it was a Saturday, so I couldn’t update facebook. I sat there thinking how I could express this to the world. Maybe I could make a comic? No, “I’m eating chips for breakfast” isn’t a good comic. There’s not enough there. I could perhaps extend it to comment on adulthood and the possibilities of eating whatever the fuck you want. Maybe I could too comment on the stomach ache I would probably get later.

In any case, when it comes to facebook, the thinking can stop at “is eating chips for breakfast.” That’s sufficient to get lots of attention. It’s pretty lazy, though. So, I think that facebook limits my creativity. I stop thinking before I really get anywhere.

Before I started this social media diet, I had this vague anxiety about ruining my comedy. Now, I have this specific example of facebook limiting my imagination.

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