The Games We Play

I’m going to list some of the games my friends and I currently play, so future Shawn can look back and reminisce:

Board/card games:

  • Sentinels (looks like we’ll be playing the new expansion with the time travel stuff next Tuesday)
  • Resistance (the game I’m currently most obsessed with, played with TIC people too, uses my best skill in gaming: talking)
  • Dominion (fun, but I feel like I haven’t played enough to get good at it… I haven’t won a game yet)
  • Pandemic (another co-op game like Sentinels, I don’t like it as much as everyone else)
  • Magic (I’m listing this because even though me and Vic don’t play, everyone else plays about every week)

Video games:

  • PlayStation All-Stars (similar to Smash but different type of game play, once you get used to it not being Smash, it’s pretty fun)
  • Balanced Brawl / Project M (two Brawl hacks, I’m the only one with a working Wii, so I started inviting people to my place to play)
  • Soul Calibur V (we stopped playing for a while, but have recently picked it up again)

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