I finally got to play through Journey. The game is absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes you have to take a break from playing to just look around and admire the scenery. I don’t think it was as much an emotional experience for me as I’ve read it was for other people. I guess because I was cracking jokes about wrench bottoms sticking out from the sand and scarf trains.

My partner for much of the game was a really nice white cloak. He (or she) showed me the secret murals and scarf-growing lights, but still let me discover for myself the various main puzzles. He’d just wander off and then come flying back when I was ready to go. It was a very pleasant experience having someone so cooperative and considerate.

Much of my enjoyment of the game, other than the scenery, came from the wordless interaction. My favorite moment was when I was playing around with the joystick, jerking it back and forth, making my character move around in a wacky way. My robed dude tripped and fell on the ground. I thought it was hilarious. Then, my partner moved around a bit and tripped too. I imagined that he was like, “Wait, you can trip?” and then tried it out. At another point, my partner tripped at the beginning of a cut-scene, hilariously undercutting the grandeur of the moment. I also really enjoyed the part where you’re sliding through the sand and the light is shining so bright; it’s so beautiful.

I trudged through the snow with my partner, hugging a rock wall. I’m not sure whose decision it was. Was he following me? Was I following him? I just started walking along the wall and never stopped. Those at Dev’s watching me play, mentioned that you usually go through the center of the valley and have to evade the giant beast with the light. By hugging the wall, we avoided all that.

Towards the end, when you fall in the snow, I thought my partner was gone. I flew through the air, riding giant ribbon birds, ready to finish the game. Then, I found my partner, waiting for me. It was rather surprising, especially considering that I had taken my sweet time getting there. We went the rest of the way with each other, eventually walking into the light together. Stevie said we were cute.

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