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Dark Room

I’m loving Dark Room, the PC clone of WriteRoom. There’s something about the dark screen that allows you to disappear in it. You become mindful of the words instead of distracted by everything that the internet holds. Thanks for pointing it out, Lloyd. It’s made it easier to type out longer blog entries. I wonder how it’ll hold up when I go to school and use it for my essays because I have a huge problem concentrating when writing those.

The Post-It Wall

I’m instituting a Post-It Wall system of organization. I’m putting my tasks on post-its and then sticking them on the wall. This system makes my tasks seem more urgent. It bothers me way more to see a post-it on the wall than to see a task written on a piece of notebook paper. This irritation is motivation to actually do the task.

Hopefully the “system” may get a little more elaborate as time goes on. That is, I’ll add ways to prioritize tasks.

It’s decidedly low-tech, but results matter more than technology. We’ll see how it works in the next few weeks.