Daily Archives: October 11, 2003

Violating the Main Principle of Cheating

Forget about the finer points of cheating, people can’t even correctly do the most basic principle of cheating: Not telling anyone that you’re cheating. Why tell someone that you can see their cards? Just to see them jump? Why give away your edge like that? I wouldn’t, and I don’t.

Then, even if one is successful with not giving it away at first, that person gives it away later. If you tell someone how they cheated, they’ll watch for it next time! So it helped you one time, what edge does it give you anymore? People will just brush off their loss since you cheated.

That certainly ain’t the way I play the game! I’ve graduated past that simple tenet and become a much more efficient and successful cheater as a result of it.

Note: The principle doesn’t only apply to cheating in card games, but my cheating does… or does it?