Daily Archives: May 24, 2005

A Cogent Attack on Me

In response to my critique of The Lance Krall Show, ropadope says:

“You’re not the audience. He’s aiming more for people with a sense of humor, not terminally constipated chronic maturbators like yourself. Go back to reporting on the fate of 60-Minutes II and band camp speeches. [line break removed] Riveting!”

Wow, your ad hominem attack was so convincing that I will have to change my opinion on this infantile television show!

And as for the fate of 60 Minutes II… that, my friend, is irony, which is something you won’t find on “The Lance Krall Show.” However, it is something you will find on a vastly superior sketch comedy show, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” Anyone remember the sketch with the son who’s a coal miner? Ah, comedic brilliance.

As for the intended audience, it is most definitely intended for the coveted 18-35 male demographic, not immature teenagers who think using the word “constipated” makes for hilarity.

I saw ideas in the show that may have been humorous, but Krall failed in the execution. Lance Krall’s friends are not actors (and neither is he). The show suffers because of it.