Daily Archives: May 28, 2005

Senior Ball, Blow by Blow

By popular request…

Goodness, no, I’m not going to write a long detailed description, but maybe I’ll give a little list. It wasn’t knock your socks off fun, but it was a cool night.

  • I got home and spent the day working on my Bible as Lit project, which was supposed to have been finished last night. I can’t work late night anymore, so I had to e-mail it. I spent all my free time that day working on an essay, art project, and reflection.
  • This left me about 10-15 to take a shower, shave, get dressed, find my ID card, etc. Mission was accomplished. I’m good. Except finding my ID card, but I didn’t really need it to get in.

  • Sarah made a garter. I had no idea what a garter was. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only crazy one because it looked like a dog skirt, and she made it out of materials she bought at Wal-Mart the night before.
  • Despite traffic and leaving late, we arrived at Roozbeh’s on time, only to find that Roozbeh wasn’t even there. Practically no one else was on time. Damn Asians. It’s okay, I can say it… I’m half-Chinese.
  • I was really squished in the limo. I took my shoes off.
  • We went to Zingari’s for dinner. On my way to the bathroom, I heard my favorite song, “Angel Eyes,” and then I noticed it was live music — there was a piano player and singer. I really wanted to listen, but I really wanted to go pee. However, when that business was finished, I took Sarah back over to hear them. (She plays trombone just like me.)
  • They were disappointed to hear that Angel Eyes was my favorite song because I couldn’t think of anything else to request. After they played The Nearness of You, I asked for It’s All Right With Me, but the singer didn’t know it, so I asked for My Funny Valentine. After, I think they played Ain’t Misbehavin’.
  • That musical experience tainted the dance. Hip hop cannot compare, but I withstood the onslaught anyway, moving in ways that made me look like an idiot and made me feel so white. Except when “Hey Ya” come on. I refused to dance because that song is played out and I hate it.
  • Oh yeah, on the way in, even though we’d already eaten, I asked a certain administrator for a fry. (Yes, I got one and ate it.)
  • The house was lame and everyone was tired, so Sarah and I left when everyone else was leaving. I thought that would be the end of the night but when I turned on the car, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” was playing, and that kinda woke us up.
  • On the way back home, Sarah and I drove through Niles Canyon. I turned off the headlights at some point. Didn’t see any White Lady, though.
  • So, we’re driving down Mission, trying to find something to do in this lame-ass city, and I ask Sarah what’s open late at night. Sometime after saying Wal-Mart, she says bowling alleys are open late. Now, bowling was the thing I told Jason I least wanted to do after prom. That’s so hackneyed. Well, we had nothing better to do, so I said let’s just drive over there and decide (it was like 5 minutes away). I said, I’m sure that once we get over there, we’ll decide not to go and wonder what we were thinking. Which is exactly what happened. How incredibly ghetto. Fuck Hayward.
  • Only the drive-thru was open for Jack in the Box, and I didn’t actually want Jack in the Box, just didn’t want to go home right away. We ended up not having Jack in the Box.
  • Then, I got the brilliant idea to go to the park. So, that was a fun time. That park used to be super ghetto, but now it looks pretty nice. However, there was a weird noise and we couldn’t tell if it was bugs or the gargantuan power lines.