Daily Archives: January 31, 2007

Eye Patches

I woke up this morning and wandered into the common room. My suitemate said that he had done something to his elbow. I replied that I had just dreamt that I had to wear an eye patch.

Somehow, in the dream, my right eye had been “split.” I think the main reason I was wearing the eye patch was a vague sense that this injured eyeball wasn’t a very pleasant thing to look at. There was also a vague sense that the eye might somehow heal in a while.

The interesting part is not the eye patch but when I passed by someone else wearing an eye patch. We did not even acknowledge each other. What went on in my mind was some type of cruel joke involving the eye patch, which I don’t recall. (I am now reminded of making fun of my friend for temporarily having crutches.) It wasn’t until after he passed by that I realized that I was wearing an eye patch too.

In another bit, I was trying to order some food, and then I knocked a tray off the counter. I commented, “Sorry, I’m having a little trouble with depth perception at the moment.”

I wonder if the eye patch was a result of watching Battlestar Galactica.